My Aha! moment came when I was overweight and searching for the perfect pair of jeans. Jeans are uncomfortable when you’re fat. They dig into your side and give you a muffin top and are constricting around the legs. I thought I found the perfect pair when I ordered a pair with spandex-lined jeans that claimed to lift and shape the butt and flatten the tummy. I was ecstatic when the jeans arrived. I expected to see a miracle inside that package, instead I was hit with reason. As I held the jeans up I realized I have committed a ridiculous amount of time, effort and money to finding not only ‘the perfect pair of jeans’, but one that would some how hide my ever growing muffin top. Add to this the time and money I put into my nails, hair, facials, and magic diet pills. And then the Aha! moment hit and I realized that without the clothes, hair, nails, I would still be fat and uncomfortable with my body and that’s when I was determined to make a change. With the help of friends, a personal trainer and nutritionist I made a COMPLETE LIFESTYLE CHANGE that helped me feel more comfortable with my body and move my life into a positive direction. Once I fixed what I was putting inside my body, the exterior improved. My skin and hair looked healthier and I felt amazing and most importantly, confident. Because I changed my relationship with food I am able to maintain my healthy lifestyle. Because I have achieved it and live it, I know I can help you achieve your Aha! moment!

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