Consistency trumps novelty when it comes to strength training.

Strength training is about get stronger, more powerful through your entire body- from head to toe.

Having trained with the New York Weightlifting Academy, I will coach you to master the basic lifts- squat, deadlift, bench press, pull-ups, cleans and snatches. It is through the consistent practice and mastery of these movements while under load that forces the body to adapt and change to a faster metabolism, stronger muscles, and leaner body.

Monitor your progress

I use a personalized app powered by Trainerize that allows me to upload your personal program and monitor your progress both for in-person training and online training.

Schedule your workouts

Together, we can schedule your workouts for the month so that you have a clear outline of what is required for you to be successful.

Daily nutrition diary

I will be able to monitor your nutrition when you link your Fitness Pal account to your TerraTheTrainer Trainerize account which will automatically upload your daily nutrition diary.

Progress reports

You will have access to your progress reports. Regularly monitoring your progress ensures that we continue to move forward toward your goal. The fitness process can be slow, and seeing your progress can help you stay motivated to continual improvement.

We cannot change what we do not know. Monitoring daily nutritional intake, daily workouts, weekly and monthly measurements allows us to understand what is holding you back from reaching your health and fitness goals and focus on the areas that are your greatest struggle.

Terra Nicole
Pilates Specialist
Specialist in Performance Nutrition
24 Step Tai Qi/ Qi Gong
Kettle Bell/Power Plate Certified
CPR certified

Hours: M-F 5:00am-7:00pm Saturday 6am-12pm  Sunday closed
Available weekly via skype or phone for one-on-one
checkins, inquiries, questions and concerns