Terra's been a great trainer for my husband and I. She's been really flexible to listen to both of our needs and to help us move towards our different physical goals. My husband was coming back from a shoulder injury that Terra has been very careful to work around. She clearly knows her stuff and helps us workout in a smart way to prevent re-injuries. Her workouts are very challenging, but they are the right type of "challenging". The workouts are focused on where we are and our capabilities. We highly recommend working with Terra.
Zac & JO (East Village)
Knowledge is the key on any journey, and because of Terra I was able to start off on the right foot. She gave me an appreciation for how good health, nutrition and fitness could affect my life and make me a better mommy. Because of her guidance, I've created a lifelong habit that has not only made me feel better, thereby giving me more confidence, but I also got my pre-baby body back and look even better than before!! Would I recommend her? Hell yeah! (As long as it doesn't interfere with OUR session 😉
Kanya (Long Island City)
I am 54 years old and started working out with Terra Cardwell a year ago. Although I was not terribly overweight, I had lost muscle mass, and fat had accumulated around my torso and on my thighs. I had terrible brain fog every afternoon to the point where I could barely function at work by 4 pm. I had problems regulating my blood sugar and low energy overall.  After working out with Terra for a few months, I started to feel better.  Terra comes to my home twice a week for an hour-long workout where we do core and Pilates exercises, and then interval training using an elliptical and weights. Terra also gives me "homework" to do every day which includes walking, and I try to do at least one more workout during the week on my own. Terra also provides good life coaching advice while you are working out with her: to create your core values such as exercising, eating right, and thinking positively about living a healthy, balanced life.  (more…)
Katherine, New York, NY
I highly recommend Terra to help you reach your health goals - both physical and mental.  Terra practices what she preaches.....consistency, challenge oneself, self-reflection and ownership of your health.  Under Terra's guidance, I've vastly improved my core strength and my running form.  I'm stronger than I have been in years (after having 3 children).  I feel good about my physical fitness and overall health.  Thank you Terra!!
Lona, Upper West Side

As a current client of Terra’s, I can attest that she is absolutely the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. Whether you are bulking up or slimming down, trying to improve your health or just improve your strength, Terra has the background and the commitment to help you succeed. I first began training with Terra in 2013. I rapidly improved my strength, Cardio, and endurance. I have never gotten results like these from any other trainer. I believe this is because she not only understands the science of personal training, and also understands the science of motivation. When you feel like you can't keep going, Terra will get you there. Terra was very much able to help me achieve my PR in the New York marathon.  Without her help and guidance, I’m positive I would not have been able to achieve the great results. No matter what your fitness goals, I am certain that Terra will be more than able to help you get there!
Edouard, Upper East Side, NYC